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Authorization in Phoenix web applications using Role Based Access Control

Learn how to implement basic Authorization in Elixir / Phoenix Web Applications, using Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Elixir Processes: Observability

Observability in most programming languages is really just guesswork, but Elixir gives you the tools to know exactly what's happning in your processes and applications. This article shows you how.

Elixir and ETS Alchemy

While Phoenix is becoming a popular MVC framework to build modern web applications with, diving deeper into the BEAM VM and OTP can seem quite daunting at first. If you’re familiar with Elixir/Erlang and OTP, you’d have already heard about ETS.

Scaling Up With Elixir

It’s exciting when your website or platform gets a spike in traffic — that is, unless it fails. A disappointing web experience can quickly encourage new users to look elsewhere for an alternative that is faster and more responsive to their needs.

Kaffy: Powerfully simple admin package for phoenix applications

Kaffy was created out of a need to have a powerfully simple, flexible, and customizable admin interface without the need to touch the current codebase. It was inspired by django’s lovely built-in admin app and rails’ powerful activeadmin gem.