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The Repository Pattern, Ecto, and Database-less Testing

Ever wanted to learn more about Ecto, it's internals and how to leverage the repository pattern more effectively in your application?

Slaying Changelog's compilation beast

Recently, I read a pair of articles outlining how to improve compilation performance in Elixir apps. Since I don’t yet have the luxury of working with Elixir professionally, it was interesting knowledge but not immediately actionable.

Building an Animal Crossing New Horizons GraphQL API in Elixir

Tons of people are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons during this period of quarantine (myself included). You may spend a lot of time fishing around your island, whether it is to donate your catches to Blathers or to score some bells.


Raf is an Elixir implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol. It provides users with an api for building consistent (2F+1 CP), distributed state machines.

ExState: Database-backed statecharts for Elixir and Ecto

On a recent project, working with Elixir, Ecto, and Phoenix, we were encountering difficulty modeling and managing a complex business workflow. This is a fairly typical problem to have on any project—there have been many times I've known that I'm building an implicit finite state machine but don't take the time to make it explicit—but here it was becoming particularly unmanageable. It became clear that we needed to implement a more formal state machine to encode this logic.