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Building State Machines in Elixir with Ecto

It’s a great abstraction in many different scenarios, where you want to model a certain process that goes through a predefined set of states, with different behaviors, depending on what state it is in.

Build a Video Chat App in Phoenix LiveView

The world’s new reliance on video conferencing got me thinking: How hard could it be to build a video conferencing web application? Like most things worth doing, the answer was difficult, but fun.

Optimising data-over-the-wire in Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView distinguishes itself from other "server-side reactive" frameworks by automatically sending minimal diffs over the wire. (That is to say, over a WebSocket.) Well, mostly automatically. The size of those diffs is affected by how you write your app.

Handling failures in background workers with Elixir and supervisors

Elixir is built on the top of the Erlang Virtual Machine. It allows us to write highly available systems that can run practically forever. Does that mean that we don’t have to do anything to make our systems reliable?

What's next for José Valim and Elixir?

We’re joined again by José Valim talking about the recent acquihire of Plataformatec and what that means for the Elixir language, as well as José. We also talk about Dashbit a new 3 person company he helped form from work done while at Plataformatec to help startups and enterprises adopt and run Elixir in production.