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16 Awesome Elixir Open-Source Projects

To introduce you to the wonders of open-source Elixir, we have compiled 16 neat frameworks, projects, and libraries.

Creating LiveView Modals with Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS

In this article, we will use LiveView along with AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS to create a production-ready modal component. That is, a modal that smoothly transitions into and out of view and is able to survive LiveView reconnects.

Adventures in BEAM optimization with our MQTT adapter

This is a journey of obscure settings, red herrings, and poll vs. epoll. A story of how I had spent a couple days performance profiling and optimizing some Elixir code, only to discover that the true solution to the performance issues was an obscure setting in the Erlang VM that controlled which system call the IO polling subsystem used, and that my code-level optimizations were irrelevant. This particular setting has been made redundant by a rewrite of IO polling in a subsequent Erlang/OTP release, but still, it was a valuable lesson.

Vim as an Elixir IDE

This post is a series of tips on plugins / configs to use in order to make your development experience a lot more enjoyable.

Testing third party integrations

One thing that is always hard, regardless of what language you’re working in, is testing integrations with third party services. I mean, how are you going to test something like uploading files to S3 without actually uploading the file to S3?!