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The State of Elixir HTTP Clients

In today’s post, we’ll look at two Elixir HTTP client libraries: Mint and Finch. Finch is built on top of Mint. We’ll see the benefits offered by this abstraction layer. We’ll also talk about some of the existing HTTP client libraries in the ecosystem and discuss some of the things that make Mint and Finch different. Finally, we’ll put together a quick project that makes use of Finch to put all of our learning into action.

Redex: A naive redis-server implemented in Elixir

You can connect to this server using redis-cli and execute a few implemented commands like get, set, setx! It talks in the Redis's RESP protocol and serves clients over TCP just like the real thing.

A real world use case with Elixir Recursion

Recently, I was working on writing a background worker using Elixir for one of our clients. There was a requirement to update records in a database table & also update those many records in another table. This post is about how I used Recursion to solve this use case.

OTP as the Core of Your Application

In the final part of this series, we’ll be implementing the Actor Model specific parts of our application, putting together a simple stress test tool, and comparing the performance characteristics of a traditional database centric application where every request is dependant on a round trip to the database.

Structuring an Elixir and Phoenix App

In this post, I share what I have found from four different open source Phoenix+Ecto applications. And as the old joke goes, I’ll be asking four developers for their opinions and getting four different answers. In the end, I’ll summarize how I plan to move forward.