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Use Vim as a Elixir IDE

This is a general guide for using SpaceVim as a Elixir IDE, including layer configuration and usage.

Understanding Exit Signals in Erlang/Elixir

Processes in Erlang are like threads that don’t share any data. These processes are VM level, so don’t confuse them with OS processes. These VM level processes are scheduled for execution by the Erlang VM, like how the OS schedules the OS level processes for execution. Since these Erlang processes own their own data, they are scheduled freely on all available CPUs and this is how Erlang makes concurrency easy for developers.

Inspect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Our live-streaming game engine’s comments system crashed mid-way, with no significant code changes in over a year for the modules that implements the feature. To shed some context, the engine is built with Elixir/Erlang and MQTT brokers. It leverages all the sweet concurrency and fault-tolerance abstractions Erlang and OTP provides out of the box, so ideally it should never go down; but this was an interesting day in the field.

Dynamically Configure Your Plugs at Run-time

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the various ways that Plugs can be dynamically configured, why you would need to configure your Plugs dynamically, and I also introduce two libraries that I wrote that attempt to solve a particular set of these problems.

Embedded Elixir at Farmbot

FarmBot is an open-source precision agriculture CNC farming project that includes a robot farming machine, software, and documentation including a farming data repository. FarmBot’s machines use IoT technology to make it easy for farmers to remotely manage their gardens.