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What I Learned while working on an Elixir App

Recently, I was working on writing a background worker using Elixir for one of our clients. This post is about what I learned while writing the worker.

Elixir web development at PepsiCo eCommerce

Pepsico eCommerce’s success in the CPG industry owes a lot to Elixir programming language and its framework Phoenix.

A Sip of Elixir — Evaluating a New Tech Stack

In its then current state, our notification system was baked into some older parts of our service ecosystem and heavily resisted far-reaching changes. We also felt that utilising more modern, ubiquitous technologies like WebSockets would suit us better and provide our users with a more engaging experience – and well, let’s just say it had a host of other small problems that made it a prime candidate for a rewrite.

State Machines for business

In this article we will take a look at state machines and how they are applied to model business processes, and a particular library implementing that for Elixir and Ecto.

Using phx_gen_auth for Phoenix Authentication

Let’s take a look at the app we’ll be adding authentication to. It’s a simple blog. And currently anyone can add posts. Let’s add authentication so that we have to be signed in in order to create or edit posts. We’ll start by grabbing the package from Hex and adding it to our Mixfile we’ll only want this in our dev environment, and we’ll set runtime to false.