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Elixir Is Not Ruby. Elixir Is Erlang

Try to remember the first time you heard about this fascinating language called Elixir. Chances are, you had by the time been developing software using Ruby. If that's the case, Elixir seems to have appeared out of nowhere until suddenly, it became the solution for all your previous problems. It is fast, clean, scales extremely well. It was almost like the Ruby you've always wanted to have, but never got.

Enumerable: Custom Data Structures in Elixir

Much of the Elixir language is written in Elixir, and it may surprise you how many data structures are structs under the hood. Ranges, sets, dates, times–we could build them all ourselves. That’s hidden through their implementation of various protocols provided by Elixir.

Designing For Elixir Compiler Hints

There are some nice new features coming in Elixir 1.11, and one many folks are excited about are some new compile-time checks. The one I’ve heard the most excitment about is the the compile-time check for non-existent fields in structs.

Highlights from ElixirConf 2020

Here is a roundup of some of our favorite talks, shenanigans, and virtual hallway track moments from ElixirConf 2020.

Elixir macros return AST

Macros are a powerfull part of the Elixir language and projects such as Absinth would not even be possible without them. To start writing your macros in Elixir one has to understand one simple thing. Macro functions have to return a partial abstract syntax tree.