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Compile Elixir applications into single, easily distributed executable binaries.

Elixir Tip: Case vs. With

Dating back to version 1.2, the with operator is one of Elixir's features that need a bit of time to comprehend at first. It often gets used in situations where one would use case, or vice versa. The main difference between the two is that with will fall through, if no clause is matched, while case will throw a no-match error.

From PHP to Elixir |> beginning

When and where has it started? I was participating in the Domain-Driven Design Warsaw group meeting and there was a presentation from Sebastian Gębski about “DDD - the lost chapters”. It was not only about the DDD, but Sebastian also threw a few flavors about the Elixir language into the presentation.

Elixir in Production: Plausible Analytics

What are the benefits of Elixir for web analytics? Find out in our interview with the founder of Plausible Analytics, a lightweight open-source alternative to Google Analytics.

Phoenix LiveView and Views

Everytime I build an Elixir application, I learn something new and find a new pattern, and some concept finally clicks. Today, that concept that cemented in my mind is how Phoenix and Phoenix LiveView renders templates.