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Coming to Elixir from TypeScript

I've been working with Elixir for about 2 months so far, and it's been quite fun. Coming from a background in mostly TypeScript/JavaScript and Ruby, I wasn't sure how approachable I would find it.

Performance testing the JIT compiler for the BEAM VM

n this blog, we’ll take you through how we conducted the benchmarking and performance testing of the JIT using a RabbitMQ deployment. If you’d like to see the talk from Code BEAM V, watch the video below.

Yet Another Guide To Build a JSON API with Phoenix 1.5

In this blogpost we will only create the basic version of this app and in later blog posts we will add more features like authentication, ip blocking, different voting types and more.

Elixir v1.11 released

Over the last releases, the Elixir team has been focusing on the compiler, both in terms of catching more mistakes at compilation time and making it faster. Elixir v1.11 has made excellent progress on both fronts. This release also includes many other goodies, such as tighter Erlang integration, support for more guard expressions, built-in datetime formatting, and other calendar enhancements.

How to build a blockchain in Elixir part-1

In simple words, Blockchain is a database. What is a database? A database is an organized collection of data. Or, you can say, a data structure that stores the data. Therefore, Blockchain is just a data structure that stores the data. As the name hinted, there will be a chain of blocks.