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Authentication and authorisation in Phoenix Liveview

Working with LiveView is a pleasure, but we still have some unsolved situations, or, at least, we don’t have a standard way of solving them. One of those problems is authentication and authorisation: authentication is where you prove who you are and authorisation is where the application decides what you can do. On this article, we implement authentication and authorisation in Liveview, explaining the code and our decisions.

Instrumenting your Phoenix application using telemetry

Instrumenting an application can be a huge undertaking, even before trying to decide what to measure and when to measure it.

Compile Elixir applications into single executable binaries, with Bakeware

Bakeware is a new fantastic tool which compiles an Elixir, a Scenic or a Phoenix application into single executable binary (yes, like go-lang!). It can be extremely useful to distribute our apps, especially when they are command-line tools or Scenic applications.

Redirecting routes in a Phoenix application using plugs

There are many reasons we might want to redirect routes in our phoenix application such as the name of a domain concept changing or the removal of a page from the application.

Phoenix Live View: Handling long-loading data with GenServer

Wondering how to cope with long-loading data of your Elixir/Phoenix app? This is when GenServer in Phoenix Live View comes in handy. Let me show you how to use it!


Senior Full Stack Developer, Good Club (UK, Remote)

We’re on the lookout for a brilliant engineer to join us in our mission to bring sustainable food to everyone. We believe in using technology for good; to positively change customer buying habits, reduce waste, develop new supply chains, and ultimately build the sustainable supermarket of the future.