Digests ยป 28

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The Erlangelist

The Elixir in Action by Sasa Juric book is out with the new minor version of Elixir 1.2.

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-08 Joe Armstrong

New elixir fountain podcast is out with Joe Armstrong

Statefulness in a Stateless Language: Elixir

Micah Woods talks about how to deal with state in functional languages and Elixir in particular.

Parallel file processing

Juan Miguel Mora shows how to get files processed in parallel in Elixir.

Experimenting with Ecto Queries

Joseph Kain shares his experimentation with Elixir database framework Ecto.

Pattern-matching complex strings

Henrik Nyh writes about pattern matching on Elixir strings.

Elixir string interpolation for the Rubyist (and others)

Henrik Nyh dives into Elixir string interpolation and compares it to Ruby.


Playing Poker with Elixir (pt. 5)

Tommy Fisher adds real time events to his poker game in Phoenix framework.

Building a Phoenix API

Luiz Varela dives into building REST APIs with Elixir and Phoenix.

Render React with Phoenix

Daniel Neighman shows how to render React views from Phoenix framework.

Sharing Functions Between Phoenix Controllers

Chris Bell writes about how to make functions reusable between different phoenix controllers.