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ExAirtable - Airtable in your Elixir

This library aims to provide a solid foundation to use Elixir (with or without Phoenix) with Airtable interaction. It handles rate-limiting against the Airtable API, and (optionally) caches all requests in local memory to drastically speed up reads.

The Soul of Erlang and Elixir

Whether you're developing a small web site or a large-scale distributed system, Erlang and Elixir are great tools for building server-side systems. Both languages can help you start quickly and deal with highly complex problems at a large scale.

Further adventures in the JIT

This post continues our adventures in the JIT, digging a bit deeper into the implementation details.

Understanding Associations in Elixir's Ecto

For many novice Ecto users, association-related operations become the first stumbling stone. Ecto provides multiple functions for establishing and modifying associations between records, each tailored to the particular use-case. Judging from the number of questions about cast_assoc, put_assoc and build_assoc on StackOverflow and other online communities, choosing the right one can often be challenging, especially if the user is not yet accustomed to the technical terminology in Ecto’s official documentation.

How to use Lua for flexible configurations in Erlang and Elixir

When I need to configure something in a complicated way, I find myself reviewing the embedded language that provided the server to create a flexible configuration. In Redis, you can improve the performance of requests, in Nginx, you can improve the handling of incoming requests, FreeSwitch offers alternatives for performing the same tasks using different embedded languages. Even in a software like TheGimp, you can add your own code to make edit images.