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Elixir concurrent testing architecture

Upon first glance, it seems very straightforward to run Elixir on Ecto tests in parallel. Ecto has a guide on this here. However, enabling async: true only works if the concurrent processes that are running Ecto queries are properly associated with your primary test process.

Using Event Sourcing and CQRS with Incident

This is the second part of a series of posts that I will present on how your application can use Event Sourcing and CQRS for specific domains with an open-source library that I am developing called Incident. If you haven't read the first part I highly recommend it as it will describe the library goals, some important Event Sourcing and CQRS concepts, library configuration, and basic usage.

Elixir/Phoenix Project: Import CSV & Seed Data

I finished setting up the first schema with everything needed to CRUD (create / edit / update / delete) a record in the destinations table. The views and forms are functional, but they definitely need some love, particularly the index view.


It was the first day of my first Erlang-based system in production. I’ve invested some sensible amount of time to test and stabilize it. I’s were dotted, t’s were crossed and I felt confident that it would work reasonably well. The system broke in production within the first few hours of its life.

Learning Elixir's GenServer with a real-world example

Anyone who's moderately familiar with Elixir has probably at least heard of GenServer. (If you haven't, that's ok too!) Strictly speaking, it's one of those things you can get away with avoiding for a while, and still be reasonably productive while using something like the Phoenix framework.


Backend Engineer (Elixir) Contract, Good Club (UK, Remote)

We’re on the lookout for a brilliant experienced Elixir engineer to join us in our mission to bring sustainable food to everyone. We believe in using technology for good; to positively change customer buying habits, reduce waste, develop new supply chains, and ultimately build the sustainable supermarket of the future. You’ll be motivated by solving valuable, real-world customer problems with technology to make a genuine environmental and societal difference.