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Tips and Tricks for Keeping Elixir Projects up to date

Elixir has grown significantly since its inception in 2012 and has proven to be an effective programming language in a variety of industries. From gaming to food and beverage companies to learning management systems, Elixir’s clean syntax means this language will continue to increase in popularity.

How to debug Elixir/Erlang compiler performance

Recently someone opened up an issue on Gettext saying compilation of Gettext modules got slower in Erlang/OTP 23. In this article, we are going to explore how I have debugged this problem and the three separate pull requests sent to the Erlang/OTP repository to improve compiler performance.

Step by Step Guide to Improving Cohesion in Elixir

Cryptic code slows everything down. It is the thing that makes a seemingly simple feature take weeks. Though we all can recognize unreadable code, it seems to keep showing up in our code-bases. This has to do with a lack of Cohesion. Read on to explore the concept of Cohesion, and how to use it to start taking control of your code.

Optimizing User Experience with LiveView

The Phoenix LiveView programming model allows developers to deliver applications more quickly, with feature sets previously only obtainable by single page application frameworks. LiveView is a perfect fit for real-time applications like dashboards and feeds, as well as applications with client interactions that necessarily require a round-trip to the server, ie chats, interactive forms, shopping carts, image uploads, etc.

Back to the '70s with Serverless

I’ve now worked with “The Cloud” for long enough to see that there’s still a long way to go before it becomes materially better than, say, the oldschool method of renting a couple of servers with a co-location company and running your software there. The latest fad is Serverless, which makes me feel a lot like we’ve arrived in 1970.