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Best practices of comprehensions in Elixir

Surprising examples of using for-comprehension in Elixir.

How to unit test the content we're uploading

In this post I show how to leverage Elixir processes' messaging system to test the content of the files we're uploading.

Introducing Phoenix LiveSessions

PhoenixLiveSessions is a new library on Hex for building better Phoenix Sessions with LiveView integration and PubSub support.

PostgreSQL PubSub with Triggers

Hello, Fellow Alchemists! Today I will show you how to use PostgreSQL PubSub with Triggers. I'd like to expand more on using PostgreSQL, so other than sending simple messages across, this time I will use it to solve more difficult problems.

A hook for handling very large lists with Phoenix Live View

In this finance web application, you have a lot of very large lists to display like the list of transactions for example. Each wallet can have between 2k and 20k transactions and it’s unreasonable to load everything at once. Loading everything slows down the initial page load with those large queries and then it also slows down the browser.