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Embedded Elixir with Nerves and Bake

Wendy Smoak shows some pretty cool low level hardware work with Elixir and Raspberry Pi.

Quick Elixir Tip « Onor.io

A small tip to all of those Alchemist plugin users for Emacs.

Phoenix v1.1.2 and React.js

Brandon Richey shares a guide on how to use React and Phoenix together with the latest versions.

Comparing Elixir and Erlang variables

José Valim dives into Elixir and Erlang variables and talks about the differences.

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-15 Rob Conery

Johnny Rugger's Elixir Fountain podcast new episode with Rob Conery.

Installing multiple Elixir versions with Kiex

Joseph Kain shows how to install and manage two different versions of Elixir with Kiex - a project similar to rbenv.

Release Alchemist v1.7.0

A new version of popular Elixir plugin for emacs is out.


A shell script that provides autocomplete for mix tasks.

Failing fast and slow in Erlang and Elixir