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Open-source Deep Dive: Hound

Hound is a browser automation and integration testing library built on top of web driver - more specifically, browser driver - technologies as it leverages Selenium, PhantomJS, and ChromeDriver to build a highly abstracted and simple to use API for building integration tests.

Crafting Beautiful Emails in Elixir Using MJML

Learn how to compile your MJML email templates into EEx templates at build time and send them out using Swoosh. Also learn how to edit the Phx.Gen.Auth scaffolding in order to send out these MJML emails when users register.

Extracting LiveView Logic Into LiveComponents

In this short guide, we’re going to look into extracting business logic from LiveView modules, and specifically, extracting it into LiveComponents. We’re going to use the boilerplate Phoenix LiveView project throughout the guide, just to demonstrate the concepts.

Type systems and checking in Elixir and Ruby

Ever since learning Elm, I’ve fallen in love with programming with a expressive type system. Since I work in other languages as well which are dynamically typed, I find myself yearning for a more robust type system and the guarantees of a static type checker. So I started exploring options for adding types to some of the languages in which I work most frequently, Ruby and Elixir.

Elixir in 2021: The Now, The Tomorrow, The Future

Elixir is unique among actively maintained programming languages. Why? Because feature-wise, it is - according to Jose Valim's release notes for Elixir 1.9 in 2019 - more or less finished, complete.


Lead Elixir Engineer at Aethon Labs, Remote (US)

We are a remote-first team of engineers who move fast, solve challenging engineering problems, and have a lot of fun while doing it. One of our projects is experiencing hyper-growth, and we are excited to grow our Elixir team. We are looking for Lead and Senior Elixir engineers to join us and help revolutionize a multi billion dollar ecosystem.