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Elixir: Practical Concurrency Cookbook

In this post, my intention is to highlight some common scenarios where we can leverage Erlang's concurrency model as well as Elixir's abstractions to build better, faster and more secure software. Think of it like... A cookbook.

Saving the Day with Secure Static Files in Phoenix

Over the years, strategies to secure static files have ranged from feasible (but slow) to downright laughable. Storing the files in the database and treating them like any other secure data seems fair but leads to performance problems as the database has to shuttle copious amounts of information.

Data fetching using LiveComponents

A common occurance in my phoenix applications is the need to render a list of some items – say companies in a job board application. Let's start out simple by using the phoenix generators to build up the first bunch of boilerplate for those companies.

Elixir Nx. What Do We Know About This Mysterious Project?

Here is my take on what Elixir Nx could be, based on some Twitter intel and my own speculations.

UUID Primary Key in Elixir Phoenix with PostgreSQL and Ecto

UUID also known as GUID is an alternative primary key type for SQL databases. It offers some non-obvious advantages compared to standard integer-based keys. Phoenix provides reliable support for working with UUID using its Ecto PostgreSQL adapter. In this tutorial, we will dive deep into UUIDs with all their cons and pros.