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From ActiveRecord to Ecto

If you're evaluating the journey from Ruby/Rails over to an Elixir based stack such as Phoenix, this guide will certainly help in the database department. Several patterns used in the ActiveRecord ORM are not necessarily shared with Ecto (which additionally isn't considered an ORM).

Database Session Store with Elixir and Plug

Writing your first encrypted DB-backed session store with sliding timeout.

Social messaging with Elixir at Community

Community is powered by the Erlang Ecosystem, with Elixir and RabbitMQ playing central roles. This article gives an overview of the system and the tools used to handle spikes of million of users caused by events such as one tweet.

Managing browser timezones to display dates with Phoenix Live View

In this finance web application, you do have a lot of dates to display such as when you actually spent the money. Users (including myself) can also travel so the dates needs to be displayed according to the current browser timezone.


Nx is a multi-dimensional tensors library for Elixir with multi-staged compilation to the CPU/GPU.