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Elixir Developers are in demand at Andela

Andela has helped to accelerate the careers of thousands of individuals, and brought tens of thousands more into the global talent ecosystem. Now we have sharpened our focus on bringing the best talent to all aspects of the digital product suite, roles that add tremendous value to the evolving tech world. Join Andela with your wealth of Elixir skills and do borderless work.

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Building Git in Elixir

This article is the first introductory one in a series of articles focusing on my journey implementing Git in Elixir programming language.

How does Plug.Cowboy Work

A deep dive into how the library works, this tour is not aimed at extensively covering every single aspect of the Plug.Cowboy library but rather provide a good understanding of the main mechanisms operating under the hood

Adding truly custom page to Phoenix LiveDashboard

Phoenix LiveDashboard quickly conquered the hearts and minds of Elixir and Phoenix developers worldwide, and here at AmberBit we are no different. It’s part of our standard toolkit, and whenever we start to build another Phoenix app for our customers, we always add LiveDashboard.

Things I wish I knew when I started in Elixir development

These are some things I commonly use in my elixir development workflow that might be interesting for someone.

My thoughts on testing Phoenix Controller Plug setup

Phoenix comes with a few handy ways to test its components. For example, it has Phoenix.ControllerTest module, which helps us make a request that goes through the application endpoint all the way up to the controller. Phoenix also generates a ConnCase module along with the project to better use Phoenix.ControllerTest during testing, with a dedicated setup block.