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Elixir in 2021

What's the future of Elixir? Listen to the discussion between Saša Jurić, the author of Elixir in Action, and Serokell CAO Jonn Mostovoy to learn their thoughts on Elixir and frameworks like Nx and Nerves.

What's new in Nx

In this article I will describe the new features we have added during this period and what is next for us.

Building Git in Elixir — Make History & Store Executables

In the previous article, I focused on storing trees and our first commit. In this article, I will focus on making commit history and storing executable files.

How I sped up one of our test suites by 17.5x

Fallback protocols could be causing slower tests when running with code coverage. Defining protocol implementations can improve the speed.

Don’t use Elixir modules in migrations

Most of our projects use databases. Using Ecto allows us to manage data migrations easily. We often do not realize that incorrectly used functionality may block our applications. In this post, I would like to present a problem that may occur. It is important to understand the problem and the consequences better. Simple changes can save us from unpleasant consequences.