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Towards maintainable Elixir: the anatomy of a Core module

So far in this series I’ve focused on the higher level code design. Today I’ll dive a bit deeper and show the code of a typical context (core) module in Very Big Things’ projects. This article will repeat a few points from the previous posts, but it’s worth consolidating this information in a single place.

Building a date picker with LiveView

One of the components is a datepicker. You’ve seen these before, if you want to make a reservation for a flight or a hotel for instance. The requirements are: start at today’s date, be able to select another date in this month, or view other months and select dates from them. Sometimes there are limits to how far back or forward you can navigate. HTML even has a spec for this so your browser handles it natively now.

Conversations with the creator: José Valim

In this video Andre and Chris with a special appearance from Context Free interview José Valim, the creator of Elixir.

Phoenix LiveView: application design

In this course we’ll build a Phoenix LiveView app (called Poeticoins) that gets real-time trades from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and, with LiveView, it displays prices, and other data, on an interactive dashboard.

Create Serum plugins

In today's video, I will discuss how to create a serum plugin. I’ll create a basic plugin that will count how many words are in certain articles or pages, to help breakdown how to make a Serum plugin. Hopefully, you can apply the steps to your own plugins!