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Learning Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView: a primer for experienced programmers

There is a learning curve to the ecosytem. It’s not particularly steep, but it is longer than a language like go but not as long as required by the Haskell or OCaml ecosystems.

Securing webhook payload delivery in Phoenix

Some of the most interesting and valuable behaviors we can build as web developers are through connecting different web applications together. Often times this comes in the form of webhooks, where one web app will POST events to your own web app. Keeping that communication secure is important and today we will take a peak into how you can secure webhook payloads in a Phoenix application.

Modular design patterns: Read models for background jobs

In this post, I’m going to show a pattern that can make background jobs more modular.

The perils of large files in Elixir

PDF files can range dramatically in size — from a small, 30 KB contract, to a 1 GB illustrated book, and more. Dealing with large files requires extra care. If mishandled, a single large file can quickly exhaust available resources.

Orchestrating computer vision with Elixir at V7

Founded in 2018 by Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson, V7 uses Elixir, Phoenix, and Cowboy to power their web platform, responsible for managing large amounts of data and orchestrating dozens of Python nodes to carry out machine learning jobs.