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Harden your Linux Server Against Unauthorized Access

In this video tutorial, learn how to put basic security practices in place to make your server more secure from outside attacks.

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Announcing Livebook

We are glad to announce Livebook, an open source web application for writing interactive and collaborative code notebooks in Elixir and implemented with Phoenix LiveView. Livebook is an important step in our journey to enable the Erlang VM and its ecosystem to be suitable for numerical and scientific computing.

Open-source Deep Dive: Broadway

This open-source deep dive has been split into two parts! The first part covers the prerequisite knowledge that would be good to know when trying to understand the inner workings of Broadway. The second part is an in-depth analysis of the implementation of various features of Broadway.

High performance numerical Elixir with Nx

Numerical performance of Elixir code has received a massive boost with the release of Nx - Numerical Elixir. Over the past few months José Valim has been dropping cryptic hints about an exciting, but mysterious new Elixir project called Nx. A series of tweets, alluding to big performance improvements got the community speculating as to what Nx could be.

Parser combinators in Elixir

Parser combinators are one of the most useful tools for parsing. In contrast to regular expressions, they are much more readable and maintainable, making them an excellent choice for more complex tasks.

Running Dialyzer for Elixir projects in GitHub Actions

In this blog post I’ll show you how to set up GitHub Actions to perform type analysis on an Elixir project with Dialyzer. I’ll also share optimal settings for Dialyzer PLT caching.