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Between Go and Elixir

For too long, I had criticized myself for being indecisive and unable to pick a side. Why go with two fundamentally different tech stacks if any one of them could solve the same kinds of problems with the same level of success? Reason wanted me to make a choice, and I am so glad I didn’t. Because the more I kept delving into both Elixir and Go, the more I found out how complementary the two can be to one another. Not just in my daily work but also in a more theoretical understanding of how software systems should be built.

Learning Elixir's GenServer with a real-world example

A GenServer is a process, just like any other Elixir process. It can be used to manage state and execute code asynchronously, and includes some handy functionality around tracing and error reporting.

Optimising Phoenix endpoints using flamegraphs

In today’s post, I will show how we achieved a 5x performance improvement for one of our Elixir/Phoenix projects most used endpoints, without using any form of caching.

How Phoenix LiveView works

In the previous lesson we got a taste of the LiveView’s magic! In this lesson we are going to see how LiveView really works and what happens behind the scenes when a user connects.

How to run tests in Elixir IEx shell

Have you ever wondered about tests running inside the IEx shell? For a long time, I was convinced that it’s not really possible. And as it turns out - that’s not really straightforward. You won’t easily find information about that in the documentation.