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A Non-Tech Explanation of Containers and Kubernetes

Through this simple analogy by 451 Research, get a better understanding of virtualization, containers, and Kubernetes. Learn the differences between these big topics and the role of each in a multicloud future.

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Elixir pooling with Poolboy

Poolboy is a generic pooling library for Erlang (ergo Elixir). Since it is originally made for Erlang, you wouldn’t find a great set of documentation around how to use it on Elixir apps, and especially with Phoenix apps. If you know your way around Erlang, you can follow the wonderful documentation on their readme. If not, this post will try to explain just the basics of how you could get started and include this in your project.

Erlang and OTP 24 highlights

Erlang/OTP 24 includes contributions from 60+ external contributors totalling 1400+ commits, 300+ PRs and changing 0.5 million(!) lines of code. Though I’m not sure the line number should count as we vendored all of AsmJit and re-generated the wxWidgets support. If we ignore AsmJit and wx, there are still 260k lines of code added and 320k lines removed, which is about 100k more than what our releases normally contain.

How LiveView differs from a traditional SPA

Differently from the traditional Multi-Page-Application, where the entire page needs to be reloaded whenever the user interacts with it, a Single Page Application does not require page reloading during use, it requests the markup and data independently and renders pages straight in the browser leading to better performance and a pleasant user experience.

Pipe Operator + Enum Module

In this video we'll how we can make use of the pipe operator to make our code much cleaner, replacing a few lines with just one. We'll also be making use of the Enum module to add some extra functionality to our app.

Integrate Google API with Elixir

In the past weeks, I've been doing research on how I could create and edit a Google Sheets spreadsheet from my Elixir project. Before trying to reinvent the wheel, I searched for dependencies that would have already implemented the features needed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any that would solve my problem. Well, if there is none, I decided to implement the features from scratch: from implementing an OAuth2.0 access token client, to the creation of a Google Sheets spreadsheet!