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Debugging Elixir Code: The Definitive Guide

Debugging techniques are often overlooked in Elixir, and Michal's new article explains how you can get more productive through available but sometimes little-known tools.

Layouts and LiveEEx templates

We’ve seen that when a browser connects to a LiveView route, it initially makes a normal HTTP GET request to get a fully rendered HTML page from the server.

Manipulate enumerable: Enum vs. Stream

Two ways of handling enumerables dominate Elixir language. They are Enum and Stream. Seemingly very similar to each other, offering a matching set of possibilities.

Metaprogramming in Elixir

I’ll introduce you to metaprogramming in Elixir and show you how to create a macro for defining curried functions.

Debugging and mocking third party services in Elixir with Mox

Almost every backend application uses them, third party services. Whether it's S3 for object storage, Segment for analytics or Firebase for push notifications. Those services are super helpful and do a lot of heavy-lifting, but in my experience usually do make debugging business logic on your local machine a pain, and testing them isn't easy either.