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Failing big with Elixir and LiveView

A post-mortem of why a political party in Germany had to delay their convention by an hour.

Ecto.Repo.stream/1 in large data processing

Sometimes we need to process a lot of data. The datasets can be too large to handle entirely in-memory, but we should do the processing. It forces us to download some data, process it, and repeat the whole process.

Social virtual spaces with Elixir at Mozilla

Hubs is Mozilla’s take on virtual social experiences. You build your own private spaces and share them with your friends, co-workers, and community. Avatars in this space can move freely in a 3D social environment and watch videos, exchange messages, and talk to other people nearby. All you need is a browser and a microphone!

Upgrading to Elixir 1.12 and OTP 24 with ASDF

Erlang OTP 24 includes the long awaited JIT compiler, which makes it a must have. Elixir 1.12 can take advantage of it.

Legendary: A Batteries-included Phoenix & Elixir Application Template

Legendary makes it easy to quickly build PETAL-stack Phoenix / Elixir applications with all the bells and whistles.