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Free eBook: Understanding Terraform

This ebook and audiobook will help you understand the underlying concepts of this infrastructure as a code tool and how it can be a significant resource when your cloud infrastructure hits critical mass. This content is available as an instant download with no registration required. Download Now

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Livebook is a secret weapon for documentation

Code documentation and tests are valuable here. Now with Livebook, there may be a new way to provide documentation, interactive exploration, and expose the app logic in a way we couldn't before.

Elixir at Ramp 🧪

Most “Why Elixir” posts go on to describe the features of BEAM and the OTP (Erlang’s virtual machine and a library of abstractions for reliable, concurrent systems, respectively). And for good reason! Whether you’re in Erlang or Elixir, the built-in resources for complex, distributed, high-reliability systems are unique compared to most programming environments and extremely valuable.

Six months of Elixir

Almost exactly six months ago I started to work for Fresha, where Elixir is a main language for backend. This happend after almost exactly eight years of working as a Ruby developer. There were may reasons why I decided to quit Ruby and seek something else but I'm not going to dive into it in this post. Instead, I want to share some observations after the technology switch.

Elixir in Production: Glific

We talk about their product, how Elixir and its awesome open-source ecosystem has helped them build it, what problems they ran into, and what you should do if you want to start your own Elixir project.

Hands-on Elixir & OTP: Cryptocurrency trading bot

This is my 16th video in the series dedicated to hands-on learning Elixir & OTP by creating a cryptocurrency trading bot. We will focus on creating a supervision tree around the trader built in the previous episodes.