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Onboarding to Elixir

Elixir projects tend to be very consistently laid out. Especially Phoenix-based web projects. The basic Phoenix generators provide a fair number of opinions on where things go. Even without that the general shape of an Elixir project is surprisingly stable.

Elixir: How to distribute Mnesia between multiple nodes

We want to share how we scaled our Mnesia usage in our different services, how we coupled the performances of Mnesia, and the persistence that was required to deploy our services with multiple nodes running.

New Elixir 1.12 - the developer’s point of view

A month ago, a new version of the Elixir language was released. It received the designation of version 1.12. The latest version is a way to enable Elixir to be used for more scripted applications.

Erlang and Elixir in AWS Lambda using Container Images (part 1)

AWS recently announced container image support for AWS Lambda Functions, allowing you to run your Lambda functions in a custom Docker image that you supply.

We needed a security-first interactive front-end. So we used Phoenix Live View.

At last, the worst option for our case would be to create pure out-of-the-box MVC pages with jQuery and window JavaScript, given how easy it is to interact with JavaScript that has been put directly on window. It’s just bad. It exposes too many details of the internal operation and requests. Besides, just a single back-end misstep is enough to let bad intentioned clients do whatever they want with rewritten JavaScript methods.