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Where to (not) use Phoenix LiveView

Recently I was watching the great conference Elixir Wizards |> Conference and someone asked a question about Phoenix LiveView. The question was about use cases and examples where to use Phoenix LiveView. I think there was no time for a proper answer so I decided to answer this question.

Three real-world examples of distributed Elixir (pt. 3)

The distributed download requester and progress tracker.

An Elixir adoption success story

How a team that was new to Elixir over-delivered a big project in just three months.

Elixir pattern matching in a nutshell

If you are new to Elixir, Pattern Matching may be something strange to you. When you get familiar with it, you will know how powerful it is. And I'm sure that you will definite love it.

Erlang Records vs. Elixir Structs

I use Erlang and Elixir regularly, and I often get hung up on the differences between Erlang records and Elixir structs. Both serve the same purpose most of the time but are implemented differently.