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Zero-knowledge p2p cloud storage

Cubbit is a zero-knowledge p2p cloud storage platform: no server stores your files and no one can access them without your permission - not even us. How is it possible, you ask? Cubbit encrypts your files with AES-256, splits them into chunks, makes copies out of them and distributes the copies via e2e encrypted channels over a p2p network of Cubbit Cells. Give it a try.

this week's favorite

7 GUIs: Implementing a Flight Booker in LiveView

This is the third post handling the 7 GUI tasks in LiveView. In the previous two, I wrote about implementing a counter and a temperature converter.

Debugging with tracing in Elixir with recon_trace

After using recon_trace a few times and always needing to going back to the documentation to figure out how to use it correctly, I decided to write this post to document the common usage I came across.

Elixir log coloring

I will explain how to enable coloring in your logs. This is an awesome feature that should make your logs more efficient and easier on the eyes.

Elixir OTP - Basics with project example

OTP (Open Telecom Platform) can be defined with three components: is based on Erlang, has a set of libraries from BEAM (Erlang VM) and follow a system design principles.

Interfacing Elixir with other languages

I often see library availability and community as reasons being thrown about in oppose of using Elixir on projects. While I don’t believe that the community around Elixir is not big or happening, I would agree that the availability of libraries might be a concern for some services. But Elixir provides first class support for interoperability with other languages which makes this point much less concerning.