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Clean control flow in Elixir with pattern matching and immutability

One of the features that fascinate me most about Elixir is pattern matching. I always wonder if there is a way to solve what I need using it and I love exploring it. When you combine the beauty of pattern matching with the power of immutability some things almost seem magical but they are not! It is not my focus to cover everything about pattern matching and immutability but instead to demonstrate how we can use pattern matching instead of guard clauses to implement clean control flows in Elixir.

Understanding LiveView Navigation

Phoenix LiveView provides you all of the tools you need to build interactive, real-time applications with Elixir, while keeping your brain firmly rooted on the server-side. LiveView applications are lightning fast, in part because LiveView is specifically designed to minimize the amount of data sent between the client and the server.

What happens when a linked process dies

Previously we looked at different ways we can kill (or attempt to kill) a process and what happens in each case. Now let’s see what happens when a linked process dies. The tl;dr is in the table below.

Render Ecto schema to json with relationships

When writing API with Phoenix and render json to client, for some fields I want to keep it original value. For some fields, I want to do some calculation or format data before returning. And I want to render Ecto association too.

Building aggregates in Elixir and PostgreSQL

In this article, I will describe the roles and implementation of aggregates in Elixir and PostgreSQL.


Remote Elixir Engineer Bluecode CET (-5/+5 hours)

Ever wondered how a payment platform in Elixir & OTP would look like? Want to build one? Join us!