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Elixir Authorization Plugs

Similar to Ruby’s Rack, Plug is a general specification for composing modules between web applications and application servers. Here’s how we can use them to build authorized pipelines in your router.

Why Elixir is the programming language you should learn in 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss why you should learn Elixir programming language in 2021.

Empirical approach to refactoring

Developing a project usually turns out to be more complicated than it seemed at the very beginning. Often the assumptions made in the initial phase of development change. It is necessary to modify our project to meet business expectations systematically.

Stop using Behaviour to define interfaces, use Protocol!

I think Elixir developers (me included) often misuse Behaviour to define common interfaces.

Bindings, Click and Form events, Debounce, Live Flash messages

Until this moment we only dealt with a passive view, which receives updates from the server, but that doesn’t provide any user interaction. In this lesson we are going to see how to handle user interactions in our view, going through many examples on how to use bindings, show live flash messages, button clicks and form events.


Elixir Software Engineer, Backend at Duffel (London, UK)

We're a small team building tools to simplify travel distribution, search and booking. The tools used on the team include Elixir, Phoenix, Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform.