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How far can I push a GenServer?

I’ve been using Elixir for a while and I’ve implemented a number of GenServers. While I think I mostly understand the purpose of them, I’ve not gotten the chance to push one it’s limits, scale it up, and find ways to address it’s bottlenecks.

Elixir 1.12 Enum module updates

Hello, fellow alchemists! We are back with another episode to show you more features of the newly released Elixir 1.12! This episode is all about the Enum Module updates.

A guide to hot code reloading in Elixir

In this series, we will examine how to make the most of these benefits in your production code upgrades. This article will focus on hot code reloading and upgrades. But before we dive in, let’s quickly define OTP.

Bootstrapping a multiplayer server with Elixir at X-Plane

Recently, the X-Plane team took on the challenge of adding a multiplayer experience with the goal of hosting north of 10000 users in the same session. This article explores why they chose Elixir and how a team of one developer - without prior language experience - learned the language and deployed a well-received multiplayer experience in 6 months.

Out of the box Elixir

How about I write about 5+ years of using Elixir now? It is going to be a little bit about that. But first, some background.