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Better business intelligence in Elixir with Livebook

As a developer, has your manager ever come and asked a question like, "How much money are we making?" If you were a line-of-business developer at a global insurance company, you'd reach for your handy, nosebleed-expensive Business Intelligence (BI) suite to answer this question. But you're not, so how did you answer it for them?


A simple Elixir Logger backend which writes logs to a file. It does not handle log rotation, but it does tolerate log file renames, so it can be used in conjunction with external log rotation.

How to change column to nullable with modify in Ecto migration

Sooner or later you'll have to change the null constraint in one of your DB relations. How to do it easily in Ecto?

5 Erlang and Elixir use cases in FinTech

Erlang and Elixir can be found powering some of the most performative and innovative systems in the world of financial services – discover where in this article.

Authorization and policy scopes with Elixir/Ecto

In general, authorization is the definition of access policies and scoping. For example, if you are building a blogging content management system, you could define which posts a user is allowed to edit, which posts a user is allowed to see etc. If you are coming from the Rails world, you might have been familiar with some libraries that do this, e.g. cancancan and pundit.