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Why build a bank in Elixir – Memo Bank’s story

For FinTech software development, uptime and fault-tolerance are mission-critical. Read why Memo Bank built their core banking system using Elixir.

EFLFE: Elixir flavoured Lisp flavoured Erlang

In 2019 I was invited to give a talk at ElixirConfLA, at that point I didn't know Elixir so I decided to "make a joke" and instead of learning Elixir I would create a transpiler from Erlang to Elixir.

Uptime monitor in Elixir & Phoenix: Authorization and authentication

How to handle authorization and authentication in your Elixir/Phoenix project? Read the second part of our uptime monitor tutorial, and learn about building your own solution, utilizing external dependencies, as well as using a native Phoenix solution: mix phx.gen.auth.

Mixing clean architecture

This article gently introduces the CleanMixer tool, which is helpful for visualization and control of elixir project architecture. Throughout this article, CleanMixer is used as a backbone theme for introducing architecture principles, best practices, and their reasons.

Consistent preloading & auth in an app driven by Phoenix LiveView

Here’s how I came with an abstraction for consistently running initialization & authorization code in Pubray — an app that’s (almost) 100% routed & served via websockets without reloading the page. And how it turned out in practice after a year of heavy development.