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Learnings using Phoenix LiveView for internal web applications

After building a large internal web application, I found that Phoenix LiveView’s programming model lets you build web applications in half the time and with half the number of people — compared to a single page application with a JSON API backend. Developers without frontend experience are also empowered to contribute given the fewer moving parts with this model. Aside from the programming model, LiveView itself lets you build fault-isolated components that keep the rest of your page usable with no extra code.

Predicting fuel efficiency with Elixir, Nx, and Axon

There are many tutorials on ML but most seem to assume a deep knowledge of math, stats, and other elements of data science. After a little digging into the subject, I decided to write this article with workaday developers in mind, those of us without a science or stats background. I will bring you along with me as I dip my toes in the ML waters, and try to make something work from start to finish.

Using Rust with Elixir for code reuse and performance

Doctave.com is primarily built on the Elixir language. Specifically the Phoenix Web framework. Some key parts of our stack however are built in Rust and in this post we’ll examine the reasons why and how this works in practice.

Uptime monitor in Elixir & Phoenix: Data models

Data models, contexts and modular design are all part of an Elixir/Phoenix application's architecture. Learn how to build and handle them with the third part of our tutorial!

Announcing Delta for Elixir

We are excited to open-source our Elixir implementation of Delta – an expressive format to describe contents and changes that powers our real-time collaboration.


Senior Software Engineer at Gridware (Bay Area, CA, USA)

Gridware is a well-funded, YC-backed startup solving the wildfire and grid reliability crises in America. We're looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to join our growing team! At Gridware, you'd be able to own significant portions of the cloud software buildout from data ingestion (via our custom field hardware) to customer-facing features (that integrate directly with critical infrastructure). The electrification of everything from transportation to currency is going to need a highly reliable and performant electric grid of the future and you can help us solve the insanely hard engineering challenges required to build it!