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How you can cut test time by 80% with development specific test suites

Tests are wonderful. Tests are little rules and assertions that you can put in your codebase that guarantee you haven’t broken anything while developing your feature.

Installing Erlang & Elixir using asdf on M1 Macs

This weekend I discovered, that somehow Elixir-LS in VSCode and Sublime Text stopped to support autocompletion. ElixirSense crashed because of unknown functions. The solution was to upgrade to Elixir 1.12.3 as suggested by this comment on GitHub.

Generate PDFs in Elixir

When you serch for pdf generator for Elixir you most likely are going to find solution that is based on wkhtmltopdf. There is great blog post on why using this library is considered harmful. Following advice from it we are going to use weasyprint which is BSD-licensed Python library that is almost as good as the commercial ones.

nhpip/history: An improved history for the Elixir IEx shell

Saves shell history and optionally variable bindings between shell sessions. Allows the user to display history, and re-issue historic commands, made much easier since the variable bindings are saved.

How to use Components in Phoenix

Hello, fellow alchemists! We are back with a new episode show you how to use components within Phoenix.