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SnykCon Agenda Announced: 100+ Secure Development Sessions | Register for free | October 5-7

Check out the full session lineup for SnykCon, a free, virtual conference for developers - focused on helping teams build securely. Learn how to build security into your existing workflows in 100+ sessions, including: Never Get Pwned! Understanding the OWASP Top 10, My NPM Package Will Eat Your Lunch, Lessons from 11 Billion Breached Records, and more! See the full lineup and RSVP.

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BEAM VM wisdoms

This is the collection of easy to read (ELI5) articles as well as in-depth knowledge such as VM internals, memory layout, opcodes etc. The project is work in progress, so come back soon!

Elixir and Kubernetes: A love story

In the last few years, Kubernetes has been heavily adopted in many companies as the deployment and application orchestration solution.

Architecting GenServers for testability in Elixir

This post is an attempt to lay out my philosophy on how we should be designing GenServers in Elixir. It says “… for testability” in the title, and we’ll focus on that, but there’s also a lot here on deciding what and how to test, as well as thinking about what the testing can tell us about how the rest of the system will use our module.

Application code upgrades in Elixir

In this third and final part of my series about production code upgrades in Elixir, we will look at what happens during an application upgrade.

Using schemaless changesets to separate concerns between the web and business context

With schemaless changesets you have the power to hand craft validations for specific web form presentations and define firm boundaries of responsibilities between your web presentation layer and the business-specific contexts of your app.