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The #1 Rated API for Speech-to-Text

Automatically transcribe audio and video files with human-level accuracy. Voted the Best Public API of 2020 and funded by Y Combinator - AssemblyAI's Speech-to-Text API is used by both Fortune 500 companies and developers around the world. Accurately convert speech to text by applying AssemblyAI's powerful deep learning models with an easy-to-use API.

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How we got to LiveView

LiveView strips away layers of abstraction, because it solves both the client and server in a single abstraction. HTTP almost entirely falls away. No more REST. No more JSON. No GraphQL APIs, controllers, serializers, or resolvers. You just write HTML templates, and a stateful process synchronizes it with the browser, updating it only when needed. And there's no JavaScript to write.

Phoenix views for JSON APIs

When doing JSON APIs in phoenix one will eventually hit the fact that by default structs cannot be encoded to json by Jason, the default json library of phoenix.

Dynamic queries in Ecto

Ecto was created to allow easy manipulation of data stored in various databases. Thanks to a well-thought-out API, you can build complex queries in a very readable way.

Reactive publishing framework written in Elixir

PardallMarkdown is a reactive publishing framework and engine written in Elixir. Instant websites and documentation websites.

Inspector, a better way to debug Elixir Code

I have been tinkering with better ways to improve my Elixir workflow and during this journey I realized that I am, somehow, trying to bring things which I'm used with from other environments, the same way a foreign citizen does when living in a different country.