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Let's scroll to infinity!

The feed exercise. At this point in time, most apps have some kind of infinite scrollable feed to keep users interested.

Plug me in

Plug is a great tool. It brings a great way to extend, in a clear and encapsulated way, behaviors and state changes to controller flow.

From Elixir newbie to Elixir developer

Deciding what you should learn is critical. You need to be exposed to new information and understand what the Elixir ecosystem looks like.

Faster test execution in Elixir

Software testing is probably part of every project, regardless of its size. When the project is small, the execution of all tests takes only a moment. However, as the project size and the number of tests increases, the time required to complete all tests can increase significantly.

Type-checking and spec-testing with TypeCheck

A guide on how to use TypeCheck and automated spectesting to make it impossible to use your functions incorrectly and reduce the amount of bugs you ship to production.