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Debugging with tracing in Elixir

I use IO.inspect for debugging in Elixir a lot. But there are times when you can’t just IO.inspect to debug stuff, especially in a running production system (without redeploying your code).

How to upload a file in Elixir with Waffle

The ability to upload files is a key requirement for many todays web and mobile applications. In this tutorial, we will look at how we can accomplish file uploads to local storage and S3 server in Phoenix with the help of Waffle library.

Injecting and discovering dependencies in OTP supervisors

We need siblings of supervisors to find out about each other. Preferably we also want our supervisor tree to be "hermetic": the possibility to start multiple tree instances with different options.

How to do live uploads in Phoenix LiveView

The LiveView framework supports all of the most common features that Single-Page Apps must offer their users, including multipart uploads. In fact, LiveView can give us highly interactive file uploads, right out of the box.

Cross-compiling Elixir releases with ASDF and Docker

Elixir releases are self-contained directories containing your applications together with all dependencies and the Erlang virtual machine. Although convenient, there are unfortunately not platform-independent. Here’s how to build your application release for any Elixir version and operating system with ASDF and Docker.