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Turning a Stepper Motor with Elixir

Pretty nifty way of controlling a motor with Elixir.

How more time types prevent bugs and add clarity

Laut discusses date and time types and why it's not a good idea to have just one object to fit them all. Also, dives into Elixir and date and time implementations and libraries.

Custom Types in Ecto

Joseph Kain discusses custom data types in Ecto database framework.

Simple OTP Idioms: using handle_info (Part 1)

Jim dives into OTP principles and patterns.

Elixir Fountain 2016-02-05 José Valim

A new episode of Elixir Fountain with the creator of Elixir José Valim.

mix-test.watch: Because TDD is awesome

A guard similar watcher for your Elixir tests.

Supervised GenEvent in Elixir

A GenEvent tutorial by domnikl.


Phoenix is Rails 5

Ken Miller shares his point of view and excitement about Phoenix and why it will take off as Rails did a few years ago.

Building Hello Stranger

Daniel Grieve shares his experience from building a simple chat application with Phoenix.

Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir: Part 7, Adding Comments Support

Brandon Richey writes a series on creating a blog engine in Phoenix.