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Simple OTP Idioms: using handle_info (Part 1)

Jim dives into OTP principles and patterns.

Phoenix is Rails 5

Ken Miller shares his point of view and excitement about Phoenix and why it will take off as Rails did a few years ago.

How more time types prevent bugs and add clarity

Laut discusses date and time types and why it's not a good idea to have just one object to fit them all. Also, dives into Elixir and date and time implementations and libraries.

Elixir Fountain 2016-02-05 José Valim

A new episode of Elixir Fountain with the creator of Elixir José Valim.

Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir: Part 7, Adding Comments Support

Brandon Richey writes a series on creating a blog engine in Phoenix.

Building Hello Stranger

Daniel Grieve shares his experience from building a simple chat application with Phoenix.

Turning a Stepper Motor with Elixir

Pretty nifty way of controlling a motor with Elixir.

Supervised GenEvent in Elixir

A GenEvent tutorial by domnikl.

Custom Types in Ecto

Joseph Kain discusses custom data types in Ecto database framework.

mix-test.watch: Because TDD is awesome

A guard similar watcher for your Elixir tests.