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5 curious facts about Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language that runs on the BEAM virtual machine, itself used to implement Erlang. Elixir extends Erlang and provides interoperability between both languages. Its syntax is easy to understand and its tools help to standardize code so it's easier to move from one project to the next.

Why Elixir & Phoenix is a great choice for your web app in 2022

How to choose the best web programming language and framework for an app in 2022? Is it even possible? I believe it is, and in this blog post, I'll try to convince you why Elixir & Phoenix is the perfect combination you're looking for.

Application with Elixir, business logic with Gleam

One of the young programming languages I look at from afar and root for is Gleam. It is a statically typed language for BEAM, written in Rust. Similarly to Rust, if focuses on catching many potential bugs at compilation time and providing useful error messages, so it's easy to fix them. Since it's targeting BEAM, it can easily interop with other BEAM languages, such as Elixir or Erlang. And this fact allows to overcome some issues that languages in their infancy stage usually have.

Deduplicating authentication and authorization tests using macros

Writing the same tests over and over again is frustrating work. Yet that’s what happens when writing authentication and authorization tests for controller actions in Phoenix.

Early return in Elixir

The only thing I've missed while working in Elixir the last few years is an early return.