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Are you vulnerable to the #1 AppSec risk? Learn 8 best practices to prevent SQL Injection

A SQL Injection attack can be used to exploit your database with simple commands, like `‘ OR 1=1`. In this cheat sheet, learn 8 best practices that every application programmer can use to prevent SQL injection attacks.

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Designing solutions with state machines in Elixir

You may have had to design some feature that needed to accomplish an execution flow in your software, such as, wizards, admission processes, game rules, logic circuits, etc. A good fit to build this kind of solution is design it relying on a mathematical abstraction called state machines.

Building a simple Calendly clone with Phoenix LiveView

In this part, we will generate our new project from scratch, using Phoenix v0.16. The most significant change of this version is the removal of webpack and npm dependencies, relying on esbuild to build assets. Nevertheless, we will use Tailwind CSS for styling the HTML, so we will have to make some minor tweaks to the project's default configuration to support it. Finally, we will generate the migration files and schemas for the domain models. Let's get cracking!

 Onboarding new developers with Living Documentation

Your first contribution to an existing in-house application can be like eating ice cream too quickly on a hot summer’s day — your excitement and enthusiasm result in a painful headache as you struggle to understand the domain and navigate the codebase. Elixir and the surrounding ecosystem have an excellent reputation for beautiful documentation and onboarding tools, but these practices don’t always migrate to in-house applications hidden from public view.

Uptime monitor in Elixir & Phoenix: Data gathering

After routing and controllers, let us take a few looks at data gathering in an Elixir/Phoenix application. In the fifth part of our website uptime monitor tutorial, you'll learn about the available data gathering options in the Phoenix framework, how your application can benefit from Quantum, and testing.

Making 12 factor Elixir releases

Elixir had a bad reputation for its deployment story due to the complex tooling and compile-time configuration preference. That is history now as we can easily make Elixir v1.11 releases with the runtime configuration to adhere to the 12factor style of deployment.