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Build Serverless Applications, Web Apps, and Static Sites with Cloudflare Workers

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Embracing open data with Elixir at the Ministry of Ecological Transition in France

A group of initiatives towards innovation and open data has given the opportunity for Elixir to play a central role in exploring, validating, and visualizing transportation data across all of France. This article will show how Elixir came to power the National Access Point for transport data in France and explore why it continues to be an excellent fit thanks to its real-time libraries, educational tooling, and orchestration capabilities.

Ecto: An introduction to Elixir's database toolkit

If you have tried your hand at doing web development with Phoenix, you have definitely run into Ecto. It’s the go-to database library for Elixir programmers. Unfortunately, Phoenix tutorials usually don’t cover Ecto deeply enough to develop an intuition of why things are the way they are.

Phoenix Views for JSON APIs

When doing JSON APIs in phoenix one will eventually hit the fact that by default structs cannot be encoded to json by Jason, the default json library of phoenix.

Set up continuous deployment for Elixir with GitHub Actions

Once you Deploy Elixir to Digital Ocean with Docker, the next step is to eliminate the manual Elixir deployment steps and establish a continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. There are many CI/CD services available, but we are going to set up continuous deployment for Elixir with GitHub Actions.

Marketing tools based on Elixir

The choice of technology when creating a web or mobile app is crucial for the entire development plan. Elixir is increasingly becoming the first choice by CTOs and is one of the most liked programming languages among programmers.