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Safe Ecto migrations - Recipes and resources

As an Elixir developer who cares about system up-time and avoiding "scheduled maintenance" windows, and more importantly avoiding "unscheduled maintenance" windows 😉, this guide dives deep into Ecto database migrations and how they can be used safely in production systems.

How functional programming made me a better developer

On this article, I'll share my experience with functional programming, and how it helped me to became a better developer, practicing good programming principles, like SOLID, KISS, YAGNI. Also share some Elixir examples, and applicability on Object Oriented Programming, like JavaScript.

Phoenix LiveView LiveComponents

We’ve just started to build our CryptoDashboardLive view, and we already have the feeling that the we are piling up a lot of code into the single CryptoDashboardLive module. It’s not just about the template in the render/1 function, we could easily move it into a .leex file. The risk is to find us with a single massive live view module which handles every aspect of our page, making che code hard to read and maintain. This page already has different parts with different responsibilities, for example: product cards where each one shows its product price, a toolbar with a dropdown to add products to the dashboard.

7 Gettext lessons learned after 2 years of developing a European platform

Here are 7 lessons that we learned by completing the initial translation efforts and continuing to add new features to the platform for 2 years.

Summer and winter time changes with DateTime

Developers usually think of timezones, but European summertime changes can be easily overlooked. I have to admit I overlooked them when parsing dates with DateTime.from_naive!/2.