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Did You Know Cloudflare Sells Domains at Wholesale Prices?

Historically domain service provides bate customers with low domain costs upfront, then when it comes time to renew your domain they hike up the price. At Cloudflare, we sell you domains at cost. Yes, you heard right, whatever we pay for the domain you pay for the domain. Sign up for Cloudflare for free today!

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Using Docker for your Elixir Phoenix application

A nifty way to setup an Elixir development environment is to use Docker instead of using asdf or installing the Elixir toolchain locally.

Build your own date time parser in Elixir

Elixir does not have built-in date time parser function. In this post, I will show you how to create one using regex.

Debugging Elixir Phoenix: Beyond IO.inspect/2

There are many ways to debug your Elixir code to fix errors. We always start with IO.inspect/2 and have used it for 90% of our debugging efforts. In this post, we’ll begin with some options to enhance IO.inspect/2. Then we’ll to cover some additional debugging tools available to you in Elixir. If you set up error monitoring, this post will help you resolve those errors and get your Elixir applications back up and running as quickly as possible.

Cleaner queries with Ecto `map`

When working with large tables a common practice is to avoid using SELECT * to make better use of database indices and resources.

Does José Valim prefer dynamic typing or static typing?

Do ​​you particularly prefer statically typed or dynamically typed languages ? If it were just for taste, not for saying what's better or worse for developers.